Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment ~ Lao Tzu

What’s in it for me?

  • You will become better acquainted with your own beliefs, values, behaviors, interactions, and ways of being in the world.
  • You will learn to recognize triggers for your reactions, learn tools for coping with difficulties that you face, and develop new or enhanced communication and problem solving skills.
  • You will come away with the sense that you are not alone in the world, and you will enjoy a more deeply satisfying experience of being human.

An Intimate Connection with Yourself

Whatever the motives for seeking therapy, therapy will help you to more intimately know and understand yourself. The underlying reason people ultimately seek therapy is to find a sense of equilibrium and a greater feeling of peaceful being. Whether the objective be an improved relationship, reduction of anxiety or depression, healing from trauma, or any other challenge one might be facing, therapy leads you into a deeper relationship with your most authentic self, bringing you to more genuinely know, understand, trust, and love the most important person in your life – the one you can never walk away from – yourself.

A Strong Authentic Sense of Who You Are

We don’t often question our beliefs, or why certain things matter to us when others generate no interest at all. And since introspection is not typically talked about, let alone taught in our culture, we simply act as we’ve observed others act; we adopt the beliefs of those around us; and we imitate ways of being that were modeled for us. Yet these behaviors, beliefs, or ways of being may not actually be congruent with our true self; if we pause to inquire, we may find that we don’t necessarily resonate with these ways of being that we have imbibed, and they may be causing discomfort and imbalance in our emotional states and interpersonal relationships. What would it be like to feel such a strong sense of self that your behaviors, values, and overall stance in the world infused your everyday life with balance, flow, and ease?

Acquire a Toolset for Dealing with Personal Challenges and Creating Happiness From the Inside Out

With the help of therapy you learn to recognize the triggers that bring up unpleasant feelings and reactions within, and come to understand and resolve the origins of those triggers. From this place of greater insight you begin to cultivate new responses and ways of being that work more effectively for you, developing a personal toolset for crafting, modifying, and fine-tuning your life. Through engaging all parts of you, we experiment together with ‘trying on’ new things to ultimately find what feels most right. You will find ways to better respond to challenges and to experience your human emotions, taking both responsibility for your own well-being and taking charge of you. What would it be like to have the confidence that you are equipped with everything you need? What would it be like to experience happiness, from the inside out?

Finding Out that You Are Not Alone

You are uniquely you; you are a one-of-a-kind original, radically distinct from any other human being with whom you share this earth. Yet, not only are you not physically alone on this planet, you are also not alone in engaging in this human experience. As a collective, we traverse this journey of life in the company of each other, all experiencing a full range of emotions, reactions, and interactions; and, we all share similar fears and pains and joys. We are social beings, and we all need support and connection and guidance along the way. This IS the human experience, and I am privileged and fully available to accompany you in it.

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