Marriage Counseling

  • Is it too late?
  • Can my relationship be good again? What’s happened to my marriage? What happened to us?
  • Does this mean we’re going to break up? Should we break up? Should we consider marriage counseling
  • What is he/she thinking? What is he/she not telling me?
  • How do I tell him/her…….?
  • He/she should know me by now, should know my needs and desires.
  • I feel taken for granted.
  • I’m feeling lost, alone, and afraid.

Could this be your voice? Might this be part of your own inner dialogue? Are you wondering what to do with these thoughts? Where to turn?

Is Marriage Counseling for you?

Making the decision to seek marriage counseling or couples therapy is not always easy. Yet when you are feeling lost, scared, at the end of your rope, unfulfilled or confused about your relationship, marriage counseling is exactly the safe, supportive, and effective place to go. You don’t need to have any answers, only the desire and willingness to look more deeply at your relationship with the goal of making things better.

Are you wanting to bring your relationship to a loving, fulfilling place, a place of comfort and security with your primary partner? Are you willing to look more deeply into yourself and learn to see and hear your partner in a deeper way? Do you want to unpack and move past some of the baggage that has gotten in your way? Do you simply want to start with communicating in an effective way? Counseling is the place to begin.

Sometimes we wake up one day and realize we are unhappy; our relationship is no longer working for us; there is no more spark or even enjoyment. Other times we begin to notice increasingly, little by little, there is more distance, less communication; more arguments; less feeling of closeness.

Whether it appears sudden or gradual, it can be scary, even shocking. You may have an ah-ha moment: my marriage doesn’t feel good anymore! Now what? Start by thinking of what you are willing to do in your work to keep yourself from getting fired; doesn’t it make sense to at least put the same effort and focus on your primary relationship? It is more effective to seek help in the form of marriage counseling than it is to ignore the issues or hope they go away or resolve on their own.

Marriage counseling typically takes place in joint sessions with both partners and the therapist, although it is possible to have sessions with only one partner present. Therapy can be of varying length, and is often shorter term than individual counseling; but the length of treatment depends on the individuals and the situation.

Young couple's hands holding to each other over yellow background outdoors

I am here to help you. I can help you hear and understand yourself and your partner more clearly. I can help you to identify and speak your needs. I can help you learn to find acceptance and handle a particular issue or challenge you might be facing together. As a couple you will learn to communicate more authentically together, and you will transfer these skills to all of your relationships. Together we will identify the root of what is not working and work through these issues, while I also help you to recognize and enhance what actually is working.  Through marriage counseling, you will develop a healthier, more satisfying relationship, or come to agree that it is time to end this one.

Envision the relationship you long for; go ahead, make it fully satisfying, truly fulfilling. This IS possible for you.

Are you ready to move forward to this better place together?
Then please contact me here: Susan Lourme