“In our work together I strive to meet you where you are, and we begin from there.”

Marriage and Family Therapist, Susan Lourme

Welcome to our world!

Over 25% of American adults experience some sort of emotional malady in any given year. If you too are facing some type of uneasiness in your life, know that there is help; know that I can help. Like you, I am an intimate participant in the human experience—and a seasoned one at that. We share this world together; I welcome you. And, I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, coming to this profession by way of deep study of people in my earlier careers and through my own steadfast journey of personal growth. From these places, I deeply resonate with you. I listen intensely, exercising my intuition and broad range of skills in addressing your issues with you. I can help.

Why am I the Marriage and Family Therapist for you?

I am passionate about people and curious by nature, qualities which led me to study languages and to live abroad. As I struggled with speaking and comprehending foreign tongues, I had no choice but to vigorously observe the diverse ways that people communicate. Striving to discover how to fit-in in a foreign society, I had to examine people’s ways of being together, exploring values, norms, and standards and learning about identity and group culture. These experiences further infused me with admiration for humankind. After teaching languages, I moved into the corporate world for over a decade and further probed the art and science of being human. Managing customer-service based organizations was often akin to running a psychotherapy group. These experiences continue to influence my work with you. I empathically understand diversity and the absolute uniqueness of you.

How do I work with you?

As a Marriage and Family therapist, my approach is holistic. I draw from various treatment styles and modalities, depending on what is best suited in the moment. My fascination with the human being includes a passion for the miracle of the physical body—how it functions and how each part and every cell interact and influence each other. In addition to more traditional psychotherapeutic approaches, my work with you is thus informed by my connection with the body and my deep study and practice of yoga and mindfulness. I work somatically with the whole being—mind, body and breath. This means that in addition to talking, we focus on your overall body so that you become more aware of what you actually feel. We focus on your breathing so that it flows more regularly and freely, invoking your aliveness.

I have traversed various stages of the first half of my life, and have deeply explored the expansive range of emotions available to us. I am a friend of the animals, and have profound affection for all creatures. I find this human experience of ours to be enchanting and provocative, and I am intensely passionate about my work and highly respectful of our therapy together. I am here to help you find your way, and I look forward to meeting you. To schedule a phone consultation and begin the process together, please contact me here: Susan Lourme

Specialty Groups

Somatic Based Group for Depression and Anxiety:
Depression and anxiety can be frightening and overwhelming. These ‘moods’ can be pervasive, preventing you from fully functioning, or they can visit you like unwanted houseguests, coming and going as they please. Come experience support and guidance while learning to move through depression and anxiety into more joy. Through yoga, breath-work and group process you will learn to create and maintain a more grounded, energetic life experience. This group teaches ways to recognize when depression and anxiety begin to creep in; you will gain insight and develop skills to use when these issues appear. Together we will create a safe and supportive environment for exploration.  Learn more…