Everyone has his day and some days last longer than others ~ Winston Churchill

How long does therapy take?

This is often one of the first things people ask when considering therapy. It makes sense; of course we want to know what we’re in for, and for how long. Yet this is a question without a precise answer because therapy is highly individual. Each client is unique, and each therapeutic experience is a distinct and original co-creation between client and therapist. Depending on the particular issues you seek to explore, therapy can be brief with a specifically designated time frame, or it can be ongoing. You may want to resolve a particular issue or you may be seeking continuous personal discovery and growth. The deeper the exploration, the more growth that can be realized. This question is a good topic of inquiry for us to discuss during your initial consultation, and periodically revisit throughout the course of therapy.

Is there a time frame for balance and equilibrium?

Typically, you will come away from therapy with a sense of balance and equilibrium- balance and equilibrium with regard to your general being or around a specific issue or behavioral pattern. And, like learning to balance on a 2-wheel bicycle, or to stand solidly on one foot, or to steady in the middle of a teeter totter- gaining that equilibrium will take exactly the amount of time that it takes, exactly the amount that is right for you. That time frame can’t be prescribed or projected because you are an original, made up of a unique set of personality traits, experiences, and conditioning that come together to create who you are today. Finding physical balance takes some exploration; some shifting and moving in place; some experiments with your breath; and ultimately trial, error, and practice. Acquiring emotional equilibrium is similar. Together we will explore your initial emotional posture and terrain, and identify tools and methods to use in crafting your internal landscape into a place of balance and beauty.

What is involved in learning something new?

When we are in turmoil or simply wanting something different, we need to first gain a solid sense of both where we are and where we want to end up. We need to be thoroughly acquainted with our point of departure; identify where we desire to arrive; and acquire new skills to use in the process of exploration and change. We will need to explore new ways to relate to ourselves and to the challenges and opportunities we encounter along the way. This may involve questioning assumptions that we’ve held for a long time and perhaps replacing old habits – habits that may have once served us well but have since become outdated and may now be holding us back and causing pain. As with any process of learning and transformation, this takes time; and it will take time for your new ways of being to fully integrate into the body system and into your life.

Therapy yields ongoing, sustainable results

In therapy, everyone hopes for a breakthrough. While breakthroughs usually occur in some form, the overall experience and impact of therapy is cumulative and subtle. With my help you will learn about yourself and your life, and gain tools that you put into practice right away to move you towards balance and ease .

Does this seem daunting in some way? It does take time and effort, yet this is a fruitful and worthwhile process. This is a process that WILL transform your life, yielding balance, ease, and a deep sense of peace. People come away experiencing sustained happiness- from the inside out. And throughout this exploration, I am with you- supporting and partnering with you through the course of the journey.

Good news- you don’t have to attend therapy forever

Some people enjoy the process of personal exploration and continuously seek to go deeper. There is always more to learn and more to discover, and always an even deeper love to cultivate for oneself and others. These people may continue in therapy for the long term and continuously gain new insights, arriving in deeper places of centeredness and peace. This long-term therapy isn’t a necessity however. Most people have a particular area of exploration or something specific they want to change or resolve. In this case, we work together to achieve the identified objective and we mutually agree when it is complete. Sometimes people will complete a piece of work on themselves, then take a break from therapy. Later on, they may decide to come back to that completed piece from a different perspective and dive deeper into it, or they may be ready to do another piece of work altogether. Regardless, it is necessary to attend sessions on a regular schedule in order for the therapy to bring about internal growth and change. Consistency helps to build insight and maintain the momentum needed for personal development.

Everyone has a different experience

An effective, supportive, healthy therapy session centers on YOUR needs and what is present in the moment. It will facilitate your embodying of your own empowerment and foster your ability to live connected to the authentic you. Because of all of this, because of your uniqueness, there is no “average” amount of time any one person might need. Seeing a therapist is a clear sign of your commitment to your own holistic health and well-being; it is a sign of your personal longing for balance and connection and your willingness to make the efforts needed to arrive there. Your expectation for both the process and the timeframe of your therapy is an important issue that we will discuss at your initial consultation and revisit occasionally.

Everyone’s needs are different, and everyone’s experience in therapy is different and unique. Our therapy together will be co-designed to build a framework for emotional healing, health, and wellness that will fit uniquely for you. Ready? Let’s get to work.

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